tirsdag 15. februar 2011


I've FINALLY pulled myself together, and have now made some gorgeous blog lists. One for creative people I love, one for challenges, one for producer's blogs (I'll do some rearrangements in my sidebar, and need a couple of new headers), and I'll fix a list over scrapbooking stores I love.

Oh, all the beautiful and talented girls I've found! I'm looking for some more art journaling and/or mixed media blogs though, so if you have any suggestions please let me know (in fact, ANY blog suggestions are welcome). There's also some creative girls that are not added yet, but I'm working on it :)

Those lists really make my creative juices flow!

I've made some layouts lately, but nothing I can show off here yet, but tomorrow is a new challenge at ScrappeHuset up, and I'll share my first layout ever made with a polaroid picture :)

Well then, yup yup, see you tomorrow :)

5 kommentarer:

Thanni sa...

Jeg ved ikke om du allerede kender denne side: http://artjournaling.ning.com/
...men ellers er der super meget inspiration - synes jeg da i hvert fald ;)

Thanni sa...

...og denne her forresten:
http://balzerdesigns.typepad.com/balzer_designs/ ....det var vist det hele ;)

Marolle sa...

tak fo rmange lækre links, der er vidst lige lidt jeg skal kigge på :)

Heidi sa...

Ih, tak fordi du deler.
Tjek denne: http://la-almohada.blogspot.com/

Maggie sa...

Jeg synes utseendet på din blogg er veldig bra!